Friday, September 11, 2009

D Day!

Well Fridays have now become my official weigh in day. After last week when I weighed myself early and got all excited because I was down 10.5. I don't know what was going on that day, and I guess I shouldn't have gotten excited becasue today I'm up 3.5 lbs. With excersizing every SINGLE day since last Friday and eatting well, besides last Friday when I went to a babyshower, but even then I didn't go CRAZY. Oh well I'm still happy that I've lost 7 lbs since Aug 26th. I did start AF on Tuesday so maybe a touch of it is that but I really don't get it other wise. I was really high the begining of the week, so I know I took weight back off. It's a bummer but I'm moving on and looking forward.

On another note. My sweet little B has been gone since Tuesday at Science Camp. She comes back today around 3:00 pm. I'm really anxious to see her. We received 2 calls on Wednsday taht she was coughing a lot and them wanting to give her some allergy meds. Darn it if I forogt to have her take her daily stuff the 2 days prior to her going and then again forgot to back it with her. So she might be a big puffy grouchy mess when she gets home. Which won't fair well for her 6:45 soccer game tongiht. That we need to leave around 5:30 to get to. Not much down time for her or time to rest. I hope she's being a trooper and comes home happy!!!

Then there's little E, she has missed B so badly. She's been lonely, on top of B being gone, the big K has been at play practice every night this week until at least 10:00 pm. Yesterday we took dinner to K and little E was crushed that she didn't acctually get to see her when we took it. Her dear (LOL yeah right) brother had been nothing but mean and picking on her since they've been the only 2 home all week.

Here's too a nice long soccer weekend! Hope you enjoy yours!

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

So how did she like Science camp? Can't believe Melissa will be doing that next year already!!