Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Trip

I've lived in California my whole life. Growing up I only ever remeber going to the snow 1 time. So as an adult one year my friends and I went to Tahoe in April to scrapbook for the weekend. There was still snow. Me being the dork that I am found a sled and everyone laughed at me as I used it a few times. 2nd trip to snow.

My poor kids have never been, well wait Kacey went last year with a friend, and my dad stopped along the side of the road one year when he was hunting or something with Austin and pelted him with a snow ball. Any ways, on Monday my girl friend and I took our kids for the day to the snow. My kids had so much fun. The snow was 2 weeks old and more like packed snow cones than snow so we didn't get too wet, and they didn't have to bundle up. It was fun! I enjoyed watching them be silly and have fun. Here's the hight light of our trip.



My Brat oh it's Kacey ;)


Me and My Girls (Extra is my BFF's daugther)






Emma and Kacey


Austin after a crash




Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's 9 Today!! Wow!!

My baby is 9 today! How the heck is that possible?? Geez where has the time gone, pretty soon I'll be whining that all of my kids are grown and gone and have nothing to whine about! LOL

So we did the traditional wake the birthday kid up to singing to them. She's so funny, she's like I'm not 9 till 8:30 am! Hehe! She has a little shoe in her room with all her birth stats on it. And I guess she was checking it out recently! She took it to school with her today to show everyone so they would know "for sure" today is her birthday! LOL she also took some cookies to share with the class.'s my birthday baby! She is sure growing up fast!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hello! Anyone home??

So I haven't been here in what a few months? Hadn't felt like writing, I feel like I'm talking to myself so what's the point right? LOL But here I am anyways rambling away to myself, not like I don't do that all day long anyways.

The holidays are over! Can you say ya!? Now it's on to Birthdays, Emma's going to be 9 on the 8th, my husband will 41 on the 10th, then Bailey will turn 11 on 2/6. Fun fun fun! I have no idea what to get Emma, I think I'm going to get her a bike. She has one, it works, it fits, but it's a hand me down. The poor kid in 9 years of life has never had a new only belonging to her bike. She has everything else she what the heck! LOL

Here's a rare thing...


Ok I give up I resized it on my end but it's still huge and only showing Austin. Ugh!

Yep that would be all 4 of my kids in the same picture all some what smiling and looking like they actually love each other!

Hope your new year is off to a great start!