Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Long time...

No post, I know I only do this for my own benefit...well I have fallen badly off of my wagon I was plugging along so well at. The kids went on break at the end of September, I stopped exercising like I was and I stopped logging what I ate. So I assumed I had gained it all back. Lately I've had a few people tell me that I looked good. today I weighed myself, I've only gain a couple of pounds back. So I'm still lower than I was in August! Yay me!! LOL

I started working a few weeks ago at Aeropastle. I'm really enjoying it, so maybe being on my feet moving around a few days is helping, plus I can't eat while I do that! LOL Any ways I'm really enjoying the job. The little bit of extra money is nice however it's gone quickly, my kids must be growing, they are eating like mad people!!

Christmas is near and I have no motivation for that. Have no idea what the big kids want. I have tree up and that's it. Don't feel like decorating anything else. I still have my boxes in my house. It's so cold outside it snowed near by on Monday. I feel like hibernating today! LOL Ok off I go to do something!