Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hello! Anyone home??

So I haven't been here in what a few months? Hadn't felt like writing, I feel like I'm talking to myself so what's the point right? LOL But here I am anyways rambling away to myself, not like I don't do that all day long anyways.

The holidays are over! Can you say ya!? Now it's on to Birthdays, Emma's going to be 9 on the 8th, my husband will 41 on the 10th, then Bailey will turn 11 on 2/6. Fun fun fun! I have no idea what to get Emma, I think I'm going to get her a bike. She has one, it works, it fits, but it's a hand me down. The poor kid in 9 years of life has never had a new only belonging to her bike. She has everything else she needs...so what the heck! LOL

Here's a rare thing...


Ok I give up I resized it on my end but it's still huge and only showing Austin. Ugh!

Yep that would be all 4 of my kids in the same picture all some what smiling and looking like they actually love each other!

Hope your new year is off to a great start!

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Elizabeth Wilson said...

Wow Suze...your kids are getting so big! Looks like Austin is getting taller. Kacey is so beautiful, as always! Happy New Year!