Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's 9 Today!! Wow!!

My baby is 9 today! How the heck is that possible?? Geez where has the time gone, pretty soon I'll be whining that all of my kids are grown and gone and have nothing to whine about! LOL

So we did the traditional wake the birthday kid up to singing to them. She's so funny, she's like I'm not 9 till 8:30 am! Hehe! She has a little shoe in her room with all her birth stats on it. And I guess she was checking it out recently! She took it to school with her today to show everyone so they would know "for sure" today is her birthday! LOL she also took some cookies to share with the class.'s my birthday baby! She is sure growing up fast!



Elizabeth Wilson said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! Have fun being 9!!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...


I'm kind of late sorry ;o)

Abby said...

What a pretty girl! Sounds like a smarty too I sure don't like early wake up calls of any sort either!

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