Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Weather

Well I haven't come by to share a whine in awhile so today is your lucky day! Every October it never fails. Hot all the way through the month. All week this week it's been warm in the 80's today, the day before Halloween it's overcast, cold and yucky. So our kids that have been running around in shorts all week will yet again freeze their buns off on Halloween, but this year sounds like we will get the added bonus of our first rain day! Score! Extra miserable cold AND wet on Halloween! Ugh that's fall for CA for ya!!


Leslie said...

Yup... welcome to CA... think it might dry out enough for a nice time of trick or treating, no matter what your age ;)

Have a Happy Halloween sweets!

heidi said...

I'm stalking you. :-)

You need to blog more!