Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm older today!

So today I'm one year older. I think I need to stop having Birthdays as I don't wish to hit 40! It's quickly getting closer and it's kind of scary to me. I remember throwing my mom a big surprise party when she turned 40 and man I thought she was so old!

My bestest friend came over this morning and woke me up with Starbucks! How sweet was that. My kids let her in as I was dead to the world and didn't hear a thing. They were too afraid initially to come wake me up. LOL got them trained well finally! So I sat in my jammies and had my Starbucks with Jenay and we chatted. It was really nice. I love her!!

My mommy had a big birthday dinner for me last night. It was YUM-O, the best turkey I've had in awhile. My brothers and their families came out, my baby niece is so sweet, I got to cuddle with her while her crazy brother ran around with my kids. He's a cutie too but he doesn't let me cuddle him any more.


My mom made the most amazing home made cakes. I have half of one still in my fridge. Great! Another 5 lbs to add to my ass! LOL



Allison said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Elizabeth Wilson said...

Happy Birthday Susie! You look pretty in pink!

the sits girls said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to the BLogosphere! That's a lot of candles!

We think your baby is adorable!!

~Sheila~ said...

Happy Birthday!

Don't you love it when the kids already know NOT to wake you up.
I sure do. Mine are programmed like that too.

Blarney said...

Happy Birthday! How the heck did you blow all those candles out in one breath ... I nearly passed out last year trying.
Visiting from Taxi Mom Julie.
Hope you had a great birthday!

Mom Taxi Julie said...


I wish someone would bring me Starbucks in bed on my birthday! I usually just get an IOU for a gift later.

matchbox20girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, girl! I'm so sorry that I missed it...I'll get my head out of my hiney one of these days. hehehe..hope you had a great one! That cake looks delish!