Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 4

I've managed to not blow it so far! 4 days down. I've only exersized 3 of the days, but the kids had no school yesterday so it through me out of whack. I did manage to go to the movies with out eating a bunch of junk. I popped some popcorn and took it with me. My Jolly Time Kettle Corn that's only 1 point. However right now I'm using a website that keeps track of my calories.

It dawned me today that my son's birthday is like 2 weeks away, haven't talk to him at all about what he wants or what he wants to do. Then there is the princess who will be 16 in about a month. I'm affraid to even go there since everything she wants costs a million dollars and I have about NONE! Plusn September is when soccer takes over my life completly and I don't even have time to do parties! Lord help me!!!


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You rock, Susie. I'm in the same boat, so we'll have to cheer each other on!